CLINICAL ASSET intelligence 

Personas / swim lanes
The ask

The plan/vision was for the ID team to plan/communicate where we wanted to be in 3 years or so regardless of current challenges.  To position this as casting forward and then map out how to get there.

My role was to work alongside the research team to to create personas and swim lanes that helped map out and then communicate that 3 year vision.

These assets were then used to communicate the vision to the wider company.


Zebra is a in many verticals and the depth of knowledge of our research team is phenomenal. Due to the nature of our business its not just about the app and device its about the whole ECO system surrounding them. The research team make dozens of visits a year to look at our products in use.

I had the pleasure of working along side one of our researchers her background was specialised within the medical sector. She walked me through multiple reports of hospital visits and was able to guide me through the varying roles of the users. 

We also reached out to  one of the Healthcare Exec and conducted an interview with her to obtain more information and fill in gaps.

Person swim lanes 

Next we began to work on persona swim lanes the example below is for the nurse. The goal was to start to build up a picture of a shift in the life of that persona. The information was taken from a series of interviews combined with observations made on research visits. I tried a variety of ways of representing the information. Work in progress shows the iterations and collaboration between myself and research using the tool Miro boards.

Finished product
Work in progress
Swim lane 

After mapping out the individual persona swim lane I combined them together. Then introducing the Asset it self, the purpose of this was to allow us to see the bigger picture. Looking at all the personas together one for each role we could see who was doing what at what point of time and the cross over

Work in progress
Finished product