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 Designer / Founder 

Jewellery inspired by architecture from around the world. Statement pieces handcrafted in sterling silver.

Founder and Designer at Adornment Archive  2010-2017

Product and accessories designer.

Designing new collections Utilising 2D and 3D computing skills (AutoCAD / Solidworks ).

Managing production of making by external contractors

Research: Style and trend forecasting & research. Manufacturing methods, fabrication, external suppliers and contractors

Making: for prototypes using a variety of mediums.


Specific skills include


  • Able to facilitate all aspects of the design process from the initial idea, making drawings, models, 3D modeling, material research and technical drawings, photography, styling.

  • A strong understanding of materials

  • A good understanding of a variety of production processes including, CNC machining, Vacuum forming, laser cutting and wood and metal work, including casting and lost casting.

  • Ability to produce detailed technical drawings and specification packages to ensure efficiency and accuracy in product development.

  • Model making and prototyping.

  • Knowledge of Solidworks, Rhino, Adobe Creative Suite, Auto CAD, keyshot, Word and Excel

  • Effective project management – experience in development of briefs & research.

  • Style and trend forecasting & research.

  • Experienced in working directly with manufacturers to develop products from concept to manufacture.

  • Flexibility and an ability to handle multiple projects

  • Communicating with clients & manufacturers & subcontractors.

  • Signing off samples and prototypes.  

  • Exhibitions, involvement in preparing stands, organizing press material and liaising with industry and the public.

  • Branding and integration of social media, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Mailchimp.

  • Writing of newsletters, Press release material and small features for other organizations.

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