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Founder /designer

“Jewellery inspired by Architecture”

Adornment Archive

Adornment Archive is modern contemporary British jewellery brand. Our idea is to create jewellery which has been inspired by architecture from around the world. We are architecture lovers, explorers, and design geeks who love nothing more than an afternoon walking around a new city soaking up the details of a facade. Those details inform our new collections. 

We are passionate about design and it is our mission to create pieces worthy of archiving each with its own story of the places that inspired it.

My role

This is my side hustle I pretty much do everything.

What excites me about it 

Since graduating I have designed furniture, lighting, products, architectural models and immersive installations. I love making things! Adornment Archive is my place of creative freedom, I get to be creative on my own terms and fit that business inside a shoe box under my bed.

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