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A research project to learn how surfers find, share, and track information about weather and breaks.

A green problem

Create a product to help consumers be greener.


We are facing a climate crisis, people want to do more but knowing where to start can be daunting.

The planet is in trouble, we all know we are heading towards further global warming and are in the midst of a climate crisis. 

Most people acknowledge the need for change and want to do more. It can be hard to know where to begin, the goal of this was to create a product to help people be greener. 


Ongoing personal project


UX Team of one (me)


Create a tool to help people be greener


My role as a UX team of one was the following: identifying parameters for the project, conducting user interviews, research, ideation and to build the prototypes. 

I identified the goal, conducted user interviews and then having identified a need I did market research. Then I created wireframes. I've treated this project as a personal design challenge. This is an ongoing project, the next stage will be to build an interactive prototype and test it.  


Worried, overwhelmed and left feeling guilty.

We live in a daunting time, social media, the news and friends are constantly bombarding us with information about rising sea levels, soaring temperatures and the use of single-use plastics.

 All the people I spoke to were aware of this and actively doing things to be greener but they all wanted to do more.

Below are the personas created after those interviews.

After the interviews, I was able to understand that people's current contributions varied. Some felt they could not really do much more with ease.

I wanted to create something to help everyone but I think it would be better to aim for people in the less experienced group.

Exercise trackers are often better aimed at people starting out, not at people who are already very experienced and have complex routines they want to track. This is the approach I will take.

A green problem personas 4.png


fitness style tracker to encourage people to feel less daunted by going more green, enabling them to set targets and see their impact. 

After identifying why and for whom, I brainstormed ideas for what I could build to help solve the problem. After identifying a couple of possible solutions I weighed them up estimating effort and impact. Plotting the ideas on a matrix. I, decided to go with the idea of a green tracker, a fitness style tracker aimed at people starting out, to encourage people to set targets and see there impact. 

Copy of Green tracker.jpg




The user would get a high-level view of their overall green footprint across food, clothing, purchases and travel. Using this data they can see progress, identify weak points, set realistic goals and get advice.

The user would be able to link other sites to take get information as well as being able to manually add items. The user would, from this information get a high-level view from which they would be able to drill down. 



I would assume the following ways would measure success

  • Users success overtime at meeting their goals 
  • Overall metrics for improvement would measure the collective success of users and see how that's helping overall towards being greener.
  • App usage - would indicate how useful the tool was and what features were used the most
  • The adoption rate of new users 
  • If it linked to other sites you could also measure purchases


To build on my initial wireframes and test the prototypes using sketch and invision.

From the results of that initial testing, ​I would hope to gain insight into an interest in the concept and how to adapt it for the next round of testing, repeating the process as many times as needed before creating a high fidelity one and repeating the process.
Group 3.png

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