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A research project to learn how surfers find, share, and track information about weather and breaks.

Hospital Employees

Clinical asset initelligence

Understanding our customers


Zebra devices are used within hospitals, we needed to better understand how a future product fitted into that environment.

The plan/vision was for the Innovation and Design team to plan/communicate where we wanted to be in 3 years or so regardless of current challenges. As part of this process, I was asked to create some assets. These assets were then used to communicate the vision to the wider company.


2 weeks


Myself (UX)



To better understand the roles within a hospital and where Zebra tools fitted into that process.


My role was to gain insight and create the required assets. 

This consisted of personas, individual persona swim lanes and those personas swim lanes combined into one larger multi persona digram. This was used as a tool to show the bigger picture and where our product fitted into it. 

I worked alongside one of our medical researchers touching base with her through the process. I also interviewed one of the Healthcare Execs to obtain more information and fill in gaps. I then extracted the information to create personas, flow diagrams and other assets.


Zebra is in many verticals but the focus for this was the medical sector.

We were looking to create a tool for asset tracking in a hospital. To begin to understand how it would work we needed to better understand all the different roles in the ecosystem the tool would become a part of.

I created a persona for each of the roles interacting with our product. 

This included a biomedical engineer, a technician, a pathologist/phlebotomist, a nurse, a person working in central supplies and a pharmacist. 

Below I give a high-level call out for each persona, the actual assets I have left out of focus intentionally.


 Alice - Biomedical Engineer

"I need to make sure equipment is in working order to required specifications. I want to prevent issues from happening, rather than having to take equipment out of use to fix it."

Kayla - Nurse

"I need equipment working to take care of my patients. I need confidence that the equipment is up to date. I need to find equipment  quickly so I can get back to my clinical tasks."

Steve - Tech Admin

"I need to implement solutions. If solutions are unreliable staff won't use them and we have lost capital budget that could be used elsewhere"

Leanne - Central supplies

"I need to make sure we have the right amount of supplies.  I don't have storage for too much stock,  but not enough of a certain supply could put patients lives a risk."

Chris - Pathology

"I need to make sure all the sample are correctly identified. I need accountability to who took the sample, who handles it and when it was processed."

Screenshot 2020-06-21 at 16.32.46.png


I created a persona for each of the roles interacting with our product. 

This included a biomedical engineer, a technician, a pathologist/phlebotomist, a nurse, a person working in central supplies and a pharmacist. 


First I needed to understand all the roles then I began to look at how they worked together.

I used a tool called Miro to create journey maps and collaborate with my colleagues. I used Sketch to create finalised assets.

I started by speaking with the research team and learning about the different roles after which I created the personas.

Next, I began to work on persona swim lanes, the goal was to start to build up a picture of a shift in the life of that persona. The information was taken from a series of interviews combined with observations made on past research visits. I tried a variety of ways of representing the information.

After mapping out the individual persona swim lane I combined them together introducing the asset itself. The purpose of this was to allow us to see the bigger picture. Looking at all the personas together, one for each role we could see who was doing what at what point of time and cross over.

Screenshot 2020-06-23 at 08.58.34.png
CAI swimlane rev 7 copy.jpg
CAI (3).jpg
Screenshot 2019-09-18 at 09.29.17.png



This was a great exercise in taking in the bigger picture

I really enjoyed this project, it was an introduction to understanding how a product fits into a complex ecosystem. There wasn't one but multiple users who have different priorities, needs and motivators. It is really challenging designing for all those considerations.

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