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How do I want to use my UX Design skills?

What are the top two industries I’d like to work in?

I am currently working in tech and I spent 5 years working for a world-renowned art practice creating immersive works for high profile brands and galleries.

I like working in technology its exciting and has the power to make great change. I also love design, fashion and art. I’m also interested in brand and how companies maintain it across all their touch points.

What kind of working pace do I enjoy?

I value work life balance, I think happy people = good work and a positive work environment. I don’t think good decisions are made at 2am and believe me I have been there, but I’m a team player and I know sometimes there is need for a final push.

Who do I want to work with?

I have worked for small practice and now a huge company. I value a positive work environment, the company’s values and vision.

Is there an organisation or cause that I want my work to impact?

I’m drawn towards companies that gives back in some way and or has greener values. Zebra has a volunteering program which is nice, and on a personal level I’m also trying to be more aware of waste and reduce what I create.

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