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Provide support to the design team across all projects, reporting to the Design Directors.

My role

Provide support to the design team across all projects, reporting to the Design Directors.

responsibilities  include:

Utilising 2D and 3D computing skills (AutoCAD / Solidworks/ Rhino ) to assist with the design process of artworks and installations. Problem solving during the making process and overview their delivery and allocation. Managing production of making by external contractors

Research: specifically into manufacturing methods, fabrication, external suppliers and contractors. User experience within the space.

Making: for prototypes, mock-ups or final artworks using a variety of mediums.


Specific skills include


  • High attention to detail

  • Utilising 2D and 3D computing skills (AutoCAD / Solidworks/ Rhino )

  • Proficiency in problem solving

  • Overseeing fabrication and installation of artworks.

  • Knowledge of materials including metals, timber, ceramics, glass and composites

  • Knowledge of different manufacturing techniques

  • Experience in liaising with fabricators of various different workshops

  • Ability to source materials and/or equipment necessary to achieve the targeted task

  • Experience with technology integration including LEDs

  • Working  alongside industrial designers to realise prototypes of high show quality


Clients include


  • Nike

  • Hermes

  • Mini

  • Google

  • Barbican

  • Selfridges

About the team 

The Innovation & Design Group within Zebra Technologies is an award-winning global customer research and design team positioned within Zebra's Chief Technology Office. As a group of industrial designers, design researchers, human factors engineers and user experience designers, this team's focus is on delivering compelling physical and digital product design solutions and performance-focused user experiences for the enterprise market.

As part of the Innovation & Design team, designers are challenged to envision new products that solve highly complex problems and have the ability to carry these solutions into high-volume production.




Providing thought leadership in the areas of Interaction and User Experience Design for mobile and desktop applications.

Working as an integral part of a growing, global team that is involved in strategic and tactical projects.

Responsible for creating and guiding the development of an appropriate behaviour model and information flow across diverse areas.

Deliver all necessary deliverables required to bring a project to life and into production.

Working with internal and external stakeholders to identify requirements, craft a vision, produce and implement an execution plan.

Approach each project as part of a greater strategy.

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