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What type of UX designer am I? 

My current role

I work with product owners and their teams to create the best UX possible for their product. I am brought in at various stages of the process and I adapt to the projects needs and timeframes. Sometimes I can be involved with the planning of products and stay with the team until delivery, sometimes I am brought it to assist much later down the line. In either case I support the team to get it out of the door with the best UX/UI possible within the time available.


What are the recurring steps of my UX design process?

I meet with the team try and get as much info as I about the project and the time available. I will make a proposal based on the timeframe outlining the stages and deliverables. Then I work with the product owners and teams to meet those steps. I build good rapport with the team and am on hand to adjust to the challenges.

What methods do I use to conduct research, and what I do with my findings?

I conduct in house budget user testing and use the results to verify the product is working and the next set of changes to be tackled. I would also reach out to our UX research team and ask for their assistance, they make multiple monthly visits to our partners around the world. They are a wealth of information! I also where possible make site visits with the team to see customers in real environment’s using our products.

Are there problem-solving approaches that I value above others?

I love a brainstorm, it’s really great to have the time to go over some of the issues in an informal manner so much more comes to light. If I ever feel stuck, I always try and bring in a fresh view point. Sometime its really helps to just stand back. Having brainstorms with clients is really valuable as so much more often comes to light.

How did I arrive at this point in my UX design career and what kind of relevant experience do I really have?


I am pretty new to UX but I feel in a way I have always had it in me to create work that connects with people and brings them joy. I so here I would defiantly also argue that good design and therefore good UX is invisible and argue that if a user hasn’t noticed it hasn’t made them angry! Therefore, it’s kind of bringing them joy even if they haven’t noticed it! I first read the design of everyday things in 2007 whilst studying 3D design at University. Since then I have designed and made furniture, lighting, products, architectural models, jewellery and immersive installations. I became interested in UX whilst working for UVA, I am self-taught and have learnt on the job. Creatives can often get pigeonholed, I feel my time working in different design disciplines has broadened my outlook as a designer.

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